A Cluster of Workstations (COW) is network based multi-computer system aimed to replace supercomputers. A cluster of workstations works on Divisible Load Theory (DLT) according to which a job is divided into n subtasks and delegated to n workstations in the COW architecture. To get the job completed, all subtasks must be completed. Therefore, for satisfactory job completion, all workstations must be functional. However, a faulty node can suspend the overall job completion task until and unless some fault avoidance and correction measures are taken. This paper presents a fault detection and fault tolerant algorithm which will use Message Passing Interface (MPI) to identify faulty workstations and transfer the subtask being performed by them to a normally working workstation. The assigned workstations will continue their original subtasks in addition to assigned subtasks on time sharing basis.

SSU Res. J. of Engg. & Tech Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 1-4